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Y'know, when I was a kid I'd watch these, and I'd always think, "Oh, there's no way life is like that, it's just an artistic interpretation."

Now I know better.

Fantastic as always.

I've loved this series for a long, long time. It's always been an exemplary representation of dreams to me. It's like -- have you ever taken too much Benadryl on accident? This is how that feels. Absolute disassociation.

The animation is fantastic as always and the story -- despite the aforementioned disassociation -- is captivating as always. Great work, once again.

This is still, by large margins, one of the best animations on this website.

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This is wonderful. Super nostalgic. Great job to everyone involved!!

Good, but its starting to glitch out.

I played it the first time, and it's a great game.
I love the idea of retro-type pixlated flash games.

But the second time I try to play, the menu doesn't work at all.

i messed with this soooo badly

i made my computer crash with this =-)

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I think it's really important to contextualize the dangers of water rescue here, because there are a ton of them, even in calm waters.
If you are on land and there's someone drowning that's one thing, but if you have to get into the water to rescue an individual, that completely changes the nature of the beast, because then not only are you fighting the water and your SCUBA gear, you're also fighting with a panicked, drowning person. In this specific situation, you're also worried about being crushed against the boat by waves. It's a dangerous situation that even the best divers struggle with.
Here's the biggest factor why divers didn't dive immediately after the storm: if you dive in the gulf after a bad storm, you're diving completely blind. The amount of mud and crap in the water make it essentially a suicide mission.
With that being said, I think the response to the Seacor capsizing was mismanaged to say the least. You're absolutely right about the leadership; they are incompetent, have treated the families badly, and frankly should be removed from their positions. Whenever you have the time, you should absolutely do a follow up. The current mess with the director of the Cajun Navy is interesting as well.
This was a fantastic synopsis of events, thanks for making an informative talk for folks other than us down south!
May the crew of the Seacor Power rest in peace.
Edit: "Southern Louisiana is the Australia of America." Can confirm.

VariantSeven responds:

Oh man yes, the United Cajun Navy drama as been goin down! I've been following! I am hoping they find those poor men soon, and I'll do a follow up. (I truly expect them to still be in the boat) The OTHER Cajun Navy though, not the United one, they were doing tons of water rescues in Lake Charles yesterday.
So I hate that there's drama, when so many of em, from all the different groups, are good people.
And absolutely, I don't want to diss the divers. The gulf is not your pretty, clear Caribbean water.
It's a muddy mess.

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I love the meaning behind this piece.
It's extremely deep, but even more so, I LOVE giant robot art.

Just the idea of something so powerful wandering the land is awesome.

Great job.


Ok, slappy.

This is the art portal, not the recolor portal.

I can't even give constructive criticism about this.

ShadowClaw625 responds:

Like i said, credit to newgrounds for orginal tankmen
now go EF yourself and be a 2 year old on another art pic, like your mom or something

Pretty Awesome!

The details in your work are amazing.
You're style is my favorite on newgrounds.

(And I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some of that ;)

UnderARock responds:

you and me both haha


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