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Content removal and YOU!

2012-08-20 23:42:56 by Alexander


Why was my Movie/Game removed?

There are a few different reasons why your content was removed!
The easy answer is: You probably broke posting rules.

A few example of rule-breaking shenanigans:

* You published illegal content.
* You published content that was not yours!
* You published screamers or other malicious content!
* You published explicit pornography/hentai galleries etc. etc.

* New Addition: Your movie or game contains copyright material, with a focus on audio! This is a liability to the site and no longer kosher. I.E., don't put your favorite song from the radio in your submission.

Those are the three basic reasons for content deletion.

I believe my content was deleted wrongfully!
Private message one of the Game and Movie moderators! One of us will sort that issue out quickly and professionally!

I have found content that I believe to be wrongfully published!
Private message myself or any other moderator! It will be dealt with swiftly!

Hope you all have a nice day!



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2012-08-21 03:07:21

Congrats on the new piss aura. Show them flashes what for!

Alexander responds:

Thanks man! The piss makes me feel all warm on the inside.


2012-08-25 00:42:54

This needs to include screamers, and otherwise malicious submissions.

Alexander responds:

I figured "Illegal content" was vague enough, but i'll add it! :)


2012-09-01 01:23:59

foolish carpenter

Alexander responds:

Foolish potter.


2012-10-02 01:59:35

Cool now they are armed with knowledge.

Side-note: Portal mods are awesome. EXCELSIOR!

Alexander responds:

Hell yeah!! :)


2012-12-19 04:33:08

Your survey entry: 60

Alexander responds:

Thanks man! I can dig it!